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YouTube for many years now, has become a home of talent – with countless recording artists finding their feet and gaining exposure through the platform. But today, the whole process of YouTube music talent has flipped on its head with artistly coming secondary to entertainment and popularity. Within the last year we’ve seen the rise of YouTube stars turning musicians whilst taking their followers along with them on the ride. It’s as if they’ve realised the marketing machine they have at their disposal and are monetising the deteriorating quality of Music by jumping into the game. But what’s surprising is – doing so successfully!

Their process is:

  • Become a content creator –gaming, pranks, vlogs, Q&As or just simple story telling
  • Build a following and have an authentic and unfiltered relationship
  • Start releasing music and push it out to your followers
  • Attaining co-signs from credible artists by sharing your audience providing them a great marketing opportunity
  • Qualify as an artist

One of the firsts to do this was KSI who’s had a semi music career online – but now this shit has become REAL! The likes of E.O, Koomz, Yung Filly, Chunkz, Adam Saleh, FouseyTube, JOJO, Biskit are building legitimate careers in music. E.O & Koomz have both charted in the UK with management and record labels knocking on their doors.

Admittedly, they’ve been granted the licence with the steep decline in musical quality and incline of musical production software.   All you need is a good engineer who can use autotune and pitch corrector nicely and there you have it – a music career. This has also fuelled the change in how labels are behaving – primarily Atlantic, signing artists based on social, such as Cardi B and Bhad Bhabie, who are living in the millions.

The golden nugget for these young artists is the use of loyal supporters. What better way to start a career when you already have thousands of attentive listening’s waiting for your next upload?

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