MoStack’s latest tune ‘What I Wanna’ is his attempt to finally enter the UK charts.

MoStack is carving his way into the charts. The past year has been mad moves by the urban scene and MoStack makes an attempt to capitalise on this trend by his genre mates by dishing out his own hit potential ‘What I wanna’.

Off the cuff we hear Ariana Grande’s ‘The Way’ sampled, which was her breakthrough song – and knowing that the charts can be quite formulaic, MoStack plays it safe by riding that sample with his own take. He is the UK’s Young Thug with his unapologetic slur that sits in his comfortable range that’s melodic with a hip-hop bounce.

Lyrically it’s not his best work – but it really doesn’t need to be. This tune isn’t meant to mean anything as it’s a hit grabber, as long as you can bop your head to it that will do. What was especially nice to see is that he’s inspired by his close mate Mist with his picturesque music video which will definitely aid its streamlining potentials to climb the charts.

The tune will be on my Spotify library, but I’m not totally in love with it. Although I think its quite safe, I see what MoStack is tryna do here. Enter the charts to transcend his current following then hit them with some proper lasting material.

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