William Singe’s Gods Plan Review

It starts with an acoustic guitar birth that’s rough around the edges with a slightly pitch detour, William singe’s cover of Drake’s hugely successful Gods Plan glimpses back to the memories of listening to Donell Jones when the streets of London still had a 30mph limit.

Singe has an R&B soul with rifts that live in the 90s. He unapologetically CPR’s old R&B roots whilst breathing new life into it. The strings at the start aromas the song with that 90s feel but delays the drum pattern from when we usually expect of this era.  The delayed busy percussion bass drop bring it right back to 2018 that injects the classic south London shoulder bop and forced frown from every listener. Even them man from Luton and them places.

Singe has the ability to switch up any track to make it tasty for those night time drive moments. A track mandem and the ladies can vibe to when alone. We all know his cover game is 100, but will his upcoming album matchup? RCA have a big job on their hands, and that job is let my man do his thing. Exciting times, but I’m nervous that he caves in and produces tracks like he did with that Jonas Blue Donny and his awful first single ‘Rush’.

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