Liam Payne: Hiphop Artist?

Liam Payne is a square desperate to be a circle. But the edges are slowly rounded off… slowly. In his interview last year with Nick Grimshaw he explained the different genres his ex-bandmates have ventured into, and he self-branded himself as the ‘Hip-hop’ one (I know). I ain’t gonna lie, his original track for Bedroom Floor ain’t my ting ini, but with 2 remixes out the can, Payne is creeping into his dream of being the urban offspring of One Direction.

His 2 remixes are nice. Hurts me to say it.

The first remix is with NSG, and their member ODG reworked the beat and the song now has an Afrobeats flavour infused within it. You can really see Payne putting in the work to appeal to the urban market and he’s keeping his ear plugged in. Not in a million years would I have guessed he would have taken a relatively new and inexperienced group to create an official remix, but I guess a rebrand needs real measures. The second remix is by London On Da Track, which is an R&B inspired version with vocal rework whilst keeping the club vibe lingering. He is aligning himself with noise makers in the hip-hop and urban scene. NSG, London On Da Track and Quavo is his catalogue so far as a solo. Itssaa likkle muad.

I personally still find it cringe, especially the video with NSG cause he just looks out of place. But you know what, he’s gonna do alright with this transition.

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