Krept & Konan are stretching their genre palette with 7 Days & 7 Nights

Krept & Konan’s new double mixtape 7 Days & 7 Nights has really shown the growth of the duo in their music and maturity – but what has surprised me has been the stretching of their genre palette. We see a genre split in the mixtapes. 7 Days holds solid on their grime and hip-hop roots whilst 7 nights ventures into the bedroom of R&B as it tastes different experiences through melody, rifts and deeper cadences. I actually loved 7 nights. Mattee im telling you, 7 nights supersede all of my expectations and the duo definitely took singing lessons. (Konan sounds incredibly like Drake from him lyrical and melody arrangements, vowel elongation and vibrato style – but that’s for another day)

But this stretch into multiple genres is no way exclusive. Drake has the ability to produce an album in which people from all backgrounds can string together a playlist with. Mandem to gyaldem listen to his work. This project by Krept & Konan took starkly resembles Tory Lanes’ Chixtape & The New Toronto mixtape series. As you would expect Chixtape holds the slower r&b influences (and samples) where Tory pushes his airy voice to create night time tunes; whilst The New Toronto is grounded in his new wave hip hop style. What we see is a clear targeting segmentation. The ladies want to see the slower and intimate side of Lanes, and so they will naturally gravitate towards Chixtape, whilst the guys who have been on the journey with Lanes and like the hard hitting rawness will enjoy The New Toronto. It’s a brilliant way in reaching multiple audience as it streamlines the music. You know where to go for what you want, and you won’t get lost in the stuff you don’t want to hear. Chris Brown’s 45 track album Heartbreak on a Full Moon is the polar of achieving this streamlined targeting. The album contains the Caribbean breezy, the R&B breezy, the ‘Travis Scott’ Breezy and yet it all gets lost with the mammoth of an album.

Krept & Konan have been able to, like Tory lanes, segment their genre offering whilst targeting with clarity. They’re appealing to different audiences in a way that their newfound versatility is front facing and shouting at their consumers, which aids in their rebrand of becoming more holistically accomplished artist.

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