A movie by Jhene Aiko in 4 minutes 27 seconds

Movie in 4 minutes

Jhene Aiko is the R&B mermaid. She carries the dust of lust and blows the residual from her palms with her captivating eyes. The sultry persona with the alternative female R&B voice curves her own space in the game. But the movie she presents when she walks into a room isn’t the movie she has astonished me with, and nor isit the transformation she’s made  from her rude gyal phase she had from her B2K associations but it’s the music video to her exceptional new single While We’re Young. Can I just add by the way that that song is a work of art, it has the ability to make you warm and yet lonely whilst you’re driving on the A13 – trust me when I tell you its big tune. The music video is honestly a work of art – she doesn’t only tell a story but she presents a move all within 4 minutes 27 seconds.

“I’ll go everywhere where you go, you know I’ll go, I’ll go”.

The music video shows the story of a man pursuing jhene when he sees her in a restaurant drawing in her sketchbook. Jhene has short term memory loss and cannot remember the previous day, so her admirer finds himself having 188 first dates where he has to reintroduce himself and fill her in on the previous days. I KNOW MAN ITS SO LIVE. Within these 4 minutes it shows love, hurt, nurture and care – and the audience falls in love with her Romeo (no homo obviously). What’s powerful is that we see the glimpse of her sketchbook which she draws in every morning and it’s all a sketch of her admirer. This celebrates the power of love – even if you can’t remember somebody the heart always does. It also poses another question; how long as he been pursuing her? In the book it’s all his face. Is he chasing a hopeless finish line whilst starting over every single day.

“I’ll go everywhere where you go, you know I’ll go, I’ll go”.

Simply Brilliant.

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