DJ Khaled: The Genius.

His latest album ‘Grateful’ was a huge success debuting at #1 on the hot billboard 200. But there’s always questions on what he does, and how does he manage to pull it out the bag with a roster of superstars on his albums?

To put is simply – he’s a genius. Not just musically but also a genius marketer.


He’s an executive producer which means he’s basically a composer, A&R, producer, song writer, all in one, with more emphasis on the composition. He always manages to create songs that seamlessly roll off the decks and find its way stuck in our heads. What we can’t forget is that he’s literally an expert in commercial music – he’s a DJ! He knows exactly what people like at the moment, he knows exactly what’s popping, and he knows exactly how the music should sound so that DJ’s across radio stations (online and offline) can easily integrate, transition into and wheel up with ease. He literally makes it easy for people to listen to and play and that by no accident. Although his rise musically can be attributed to his snapchat fame, label deal from Epic and management deal with Roc Nation, which helped him create a superstar bled album – he cleverly uses this resource to create a seamless experience of moods and genres which allows the listening to be their own micro DJ within this one album. He doesn’t only create hits, but he knows how to create hits which is easy on the ear and easier to play – that is his major key.


Look let’s be honest, what he does as a job is no innovation, every label or music collective has their own exec who calls the shots and directs creative license. But he’s a marketing genius and has become famous by shouting his name on a track. Executive production is a core part of commercial music – but DJ Khaled has made it into a whole different game. He has built a front office position for executive production, which is like a HR department announcing the latest product release by Apple – its slightly bizarre. Permission is granted as he does produce some music and does lay down layers.

To be honest tho, im waiting for Asahds solo album – now that will be a banger.

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